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The concept is based on deepest "handmade", controlling the own foundry materials to ensure maximum purity of used conducting wire, passing the desired calibration and reaching the bold concept of applied windings. Skillfully employs some of the techniques of reference in aircraft constructions as manages the tune of the materials used in accordance with the best possible features.

The complexity of the concept and unconventional processes of buildings, generate conclusive and highly reliable results as it ensures a unique and personal character of each product. However, we are determined to diversify the evolutionary lines of our goal to which we remain always faithful. Thus arises the recognition of this wisdom by building NEXUS name.

NEXUS is a concept of unique construction, which had its early development in 1999. Its main objective is to avoid all the negative influences which might affect the original signal.

This concept, which interacts with the internal damping materials ensuring stability against vibrations and operation of the micro vibration of the cables.

The NEXUS reference answers to all the negative influences which are characteristic of the audio signal and the power supply. It was developed to meet the standards that define the qualities of a closer soundstage of the original.

Our NEXUS series is divided into two parts, although with identical construction topologies: NEXUS ARGENTUM and NEXUS CUPRUM, both complete a cycle of audiophile preferences of our times. Thereby fulfill our high requirements exceeding any expectations.

Our absolute reference is given through the NEXUS ARGENTUM, which presents us with a superb dynamic contrast and precision of transients. It has a detailed presentation, but warm, well-defined and with intense colors. NEXUS CUPRUM, wins for the full-bodied sweetness, but always realistic, keeping the specifications of the stage well represented, with a beginning, middle and end.

This concept does not use correction processes, but rather protect the signal through shielding and damping. It had quantified assessments for never become a necessary evil. Uses revolutionary technics and quite complex in its construction. It involves the casting of high purity conductive materials, specific calibration, polishing, tempers and brings together the best possible materials to avoid:

|  Influence of internal electromagnetic fields through specific windings and spacing between conductors - (benefits greater stability and signal speed).
|  Effect of EMI / RFI external through the use of double shielding of different materials - (promotes greater silence so higher dynamic contrast).
Influence of internal micro-vibrations, through active and passive internal dumping of specific densities - (reinforces the stability and ensures greater phase coherence throughout the signal path).
|  The influence of external vibration, through absorbent cotton knits, protecting the confrontation of external and internal vibrations - (Avoids frequency cancellations in the signal).
|  Influence of eddy current (static) internal and external, through alternate layers of Teflon, ensuring an excellent mechanical stability - (Keeps signal stable, fluid and decongested).

Thus, application of this concept seems simple, but with very complex processes of manufacturing and necessarily manual, makes of our cables a clear preference of high-end needs. And that for itself justifies our appearance in such demanding times. The certainty of the concept, besides it’s complexity, ensures maximum reliability and emotion. Nothing has been lost or transformed, thus keeping the originality of the signal.

The Nexus quality results from the deepest intention of its creators. It is the enjoyment of universal energy transmitted by its craftsmen. As such it transcends ... but elucidates, because it's emotional and real. It is an irreversible state after living with this true state-of-the-art. For this reason, it is always considered a conscious listening experience from you. Take a deep breath and experience the feeling of ... "being there".

Key features Sonic:
|  Absolute transparency;
|  Wide dynamic range;
|  Extremely low noise level;
|  Excellent attack transients;
|  Excellent tonal balance;
|  Excellent correction timbre;
|  Excellent relationship fidelity / emotion.
P.S. indicated the most demanding eclectic.

Main technical characteristics:
|  Mechanical - Shield (Powerlink)
|  Shielding EMI / RFI
|  Internal and external Dumping
|  High-purity calibrated conductors
|  Cryogenic conductors
|  Terminals WBT Nextgen / Neutrik