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In parallel with the development of the NEXUS cables, the Audiofidem antivibracional developed a system that can capitalize on a large scale the performance of your hi-fi system. In this context created VCB - VIBRATION CONTROL BASE, which is intended for individual control equipment. This foundation acts primarily in a seismic frequency, which does not invalidate the use of other accessories antivibracionals in line with the bases.

These bases should make levitate equipment through air 3-filling points to adjust the load balancing that is on top. The platform defines a high level of performance from your system, increasing clarity throughout the frequency range. The stage becomes wider and deeper, clearly benefiting the three-dimensional perception (3D) without losing the virtual presence of transients in the side planes.

Dimensions: STD 50cmx40cmx6,2 cm

Maximum tolerable weight: 440lb