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Like it or not, the cables are a necessary part of any audio system. Theoretically it is just a thread designed to transfer signals between components. And this necessarily adds some requirements in its construction, such as connectors, welding, insulation and methodologies. Based on these requirements it was a personal need to improve the interconnection of the equipment. Excelling in quality for connectors, welds and form of construction, it can be said that began in mid-1995, the long walk which led to the emergence of projects that began to acquire interesting proportions and contours. In 1999, it begins the study of a project called NEXUS that gains some relevance in the audiophile community in which I was inserted. That is the reason why this commercial project just appears in March 2011. Thus was created the Audiofidem, which is characterized by a symbol of a running cheetah, representing a speed characteristic.

The company dedicates to the manufacture of cables for hi-fi systems. Holds a new approach in the Portuguese market with a technical platform based on 20 years of experience and study in acoustic and electronic level. It has developed through intense research, revolutionary building technics and perfectly framed in the most demanding specifications. Audiofidem derives from the creation of innovative projects and sometimes radical, exploring the metallurgy of the metals used, which applies unique and very specific technics in conjunction with the careful choice of wire, insulation materials and damping. While it is true that is where many of the problems begin and opinions differ. Either by differences in construction, or by sound differences, reflecting a greater or lesser quality experienced by many engineers and audiophiles. Although not forgetting that we began to enter the field of taste and of course also of subjectivity.

We fully believe that nowadays most of the roughly builders have been overcome issues related to the conductivity of the signal, using the best conductors and leagues which they understand meet the requirements. But the question lies not only in the metallurgical purification, but in the consistency of construction, especially when it comes to audio signals. However, we understand the signal as a whole. It is the sum of all parts. We understand that this same signal takes lots of information on the transients. These in turn are characterized by an initial phase that was captured in recording. We have the example of the great operas of the 60s, where fixed microphones captured accurately the movement of the action of the performers.

It behooves us therefore to seek out the phase integrity of each artist in a play, which turns out to reveal all aspects of micro / macro dynamic and timber as well. Consequently this is where thousands of cable constructions diverge in sound. In the vast majority fail to maintain the phase integrity of all interpreters. This is because there are normally cancellations in the signal, causing phase shifts. Therefore, signal degradation, benefits in some cases, musical genres and impairs many others.

The Audiofidem devoted itself tirelessly to the study and understanding of mere matter of sound differences between cables, which has both intrigued much of the audiophile community. Differences must necessarily exist when different materials are used, therefore, that fact is perfectly acceptable. However, the reason for our study, also leads us to affirm that we get different sound performance using exactly the same materials with different methodologies. Of course it is also not new for most people, but it is little explored by many builders. Here success lies not only in the choice of good materials that they can tackle the "weather" of and in the signal path, but also with how they all interact with each other, and the signal itself. It even applies an intense zoom-in this interactive interfaces of the materials used. Therefore, not enough to find a balance between all of them, but remove the maximum profitability of each in offspring of a single goal.


Our goal is extremely deep and thorough, thereby making our mission clear and an objective one. And for that reason alone justifying our appearance in such intense market. Then we realize that the phase of interaction within the signal itself, it is the fair importance that any high end system deserves. We acquired an entire set of processes in the construction of our cables, which led us to believe in a motto which we have been quite faithful "not to let degrade for not having to correct." Clearly, we fully believe that connect your equipment with all our cables is a unique and irreversible experience of pleasure.

The Audiofidem thus acquires a firm and aggressive stance in the face of new research and technics, so you can respond quickly and effectively to the needs of high-end and where market constraints are the biggest challenge, and the need, their concern.

It is very important the satisfaction of those who believe and invest in this project.